Touching the heart of God. (Vertical)

  • Deliberately pursuing Him through our worship, our walk, and our witness.
  • Increase in Him by studying His Word, praying to the Father, allowing the Holy Spirit to fashion our live into the image of His dear son, by and submitting to godly leadership.
  • Manifesting Him by being willing vessels that He can use to share His life, light and love, so that all will be able to see Christ living in us.

Transforming the heart of man. (Horizontal)

  • Engaging an Ever-Changing Culture With a Never-Changing Gospel
  • Influence those around us by demonstrating what it means to follow Jesus and sharing the message of how Jesus makes the difference our lives.
  • Sponsoring special events that address every facet of life and sharing the gospel message with those who participate.

Our Strategies

IMPACT our communities by:

        Calling the community together for corporate worship.

        Covering our government, leaders, families, and educators with prayer.

        Evangelistic events.

BUILD spiritually healthy homes by:

        Equipping Godly men/women to lead mentor and pray for their families.

        Strengthening the core of healthy families (marriage enrichment).

        Encouraging singles to remain faithful to the Lord until He provides a mate.

            Regular men/women meetings                                                                       ​​      

 DEVELOPE followers through:

        Bible study


        Leadership Training


        Life application opportunities

SERVING the community by reaching out to them as servants of Jesus.

        Homeless shelter.

        Senior living home

        Prison ministry

ADVANCING the Kingdom by transforming, sending, partnering, and planting

INVOLVING the next generation by deliberately pouring into their lives now:

        Vibrant youth groups.

        Quarterly youth outing.

Community events.


  • The First Step
 Become a born again follower of Jesus the Christ.  At Fresh Anointing, we believe this is the most important that you will make in your lifetime.
  • Why should I join FAHOW?
  • Membership is an acknowledgement of your commitment to Jesus, His church and its ministries. 

  • Becoming a member enables you to actively serve at FAHOW.
  • Membership is an important step to greater involvement in the work God is doing here.
  • How do I join? 
Acknowledge that you are interested in becoming a part of FAHOW.  An opportunity will be given at the close of each weekend service for any believer to walk forward.

Requirements for Membership

1. Believe in Christ as your Lord and Savior. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

2. Confess your faith. (Romans 10:9)

3. Repent of your sins. (Acts 3:19)

4. Pledge to support the vision of FAHOW

5. Attend new member’s (Fresh Principles) class.




Contact Us


4804 Technology Drive

Martinez, Georgia 30906


Phone: 706-339-7057


Sundays 11 am

Wednesdays 7 pm


We would love to have you as our guest at one of our services or sponsored events.

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